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Dear Christians,

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

We are called to love.

Specifically, we are called to live in truth and proclaim it above how we feel, the circumstances we endure, and the disapproval of our peers. We are not called to insist our way on others but to love them where they're at. Jesus is the avenger. Jesus it the judge.

Don' allow yourself to be incited. Corinthians says that if we speak as men do or even as angels but not in love then we're nothing more than loud noise.

The current circumstances [in our country] are a direct assault against our fellow man under the guise of positioning them as our enemy. The very people we are endeavored to encourage, lift up, support, have grace for, listen to, be patient and kind towards, hopeful of and selfless for are the very people who are on the receiving end of our vitriol and anger - because the circumstances mislead us against the wrong enemy.

The bible says that what goes into us is not what defiles us.

The media, charged conversations, difference of opinion (whether truthful or not), perceived injustices - none of that defiles us and yet we're responding as though it does. Rather, it's what comes out us that defiles us. When we're pressed, does Jesus come out or is it the unfiltered, self-minded humanity that seeks to preserve our own individual station of identity in whichever hill upon which we're currently digging our heels?

Conviction comes from Jesus.

It's our responsibility to be accountable for ourselves. Regarding others who don't know Jesus, we're called to love and inspire them towards understanding who their real father is - not dehumanize their agenda.

"There's a way that seems right to a man," it's said, "but in the end it leads to death." Sometimes what we think is right is not right at all and sometimes what we think is right has to take a backseat to love so that Jesus can do his job.

None of this comes as a surprise to Jesus.

The election, the division, people telling you to unfriend them on Facebook, the passive aggressive one-upping.

Christians, we are called to die to our pride because we can't serve both Jesus and ourselves. When the bible says that 'the meek shall inherit the earth', it's not saying that we have to be soft either. We are called to be gentle and submissive [to God]. His example in Jesus is how we are supposed to crucify the sucky parts of ourselves and it's his example further of what it means to have all the power in the universe and yet limit himself for the sake of relationship with you and me.

Don't let yourselves be incited into defiling the unprecedented opportunities we now have to show love and who Jesus really is. Your aggressors aren't actually your aggressors. That aggravation you feel is a prompting to pray - not repay evil for evil. It's a prompting to ask questions - not insist on your way. It's a prompting to take a soft approach - not be 'puffed up'.

If you trust that you can stake YOUR life on Jesus, you have to trust that Jesus is capable of pursuing, convicting, loving, and caring for the people you're trying to goad into correction. "Love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself."

Part of loving God, again according to Corinthians, is choosing to hope and trust.

Are you persecuting, 'in Jesus's name', the very people you should be trusting God to pursue?


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