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Coaching is a voluntarily pursued service in order to supplement and advocate for your decision to seek improvement.  It can be life changing providing the mutual involvement, perseverance and investment of the coach and client.  This document is designed to inform you of the following:

  • Background and Training

  • Coaching Services Offered

  • Coach Responsibility

  • Client Responsibility

  • Benefits and Risks Involved

  • Confidentiality

  • Professional Records

  • Professional Boundaries

  • Legal and Litigation Limitations

  • Couples and Families

  • Sessions and Fees

  • Contact Information

  • Electronic Communication Policy

  • Emergencies

  • Complaints Procedure

  • Minors

  • Consent Agreement


I. Background and Training


I have a tenured background in marketing, community development, mentorship, management and team building.  

Novant Health Outpatient Behavioral Health: Current
Patient coordinator for adult acute and ambulatory mental health and substance abuse programs. Head of the Quality Care Committee to improve interdisciplinary efficacy and mental health / substance abuse programming.
BS Psychology, Fayetteville State University: 2024-2025
AA Psychology, Forsyth Technical Community College: 2023
Leadership Team Development: 10 years

Participated in a 10 year mentorship with LTD with a focus on relationship building, goal setting and accountability, priority management, team building, and perspective coaching.  

Toastmasters: 1 year


Was a member of a Winston-Salem chapter of Toastmasters with a focus in public speaking.

Gamestop, Inc.: 12 years


Worked as a store leader for the Winston-Salem Gamestop locations developing an ability to train and develop people in an environment with immediate application as well as how to successfully meet and exceed expectations regarding overall business health.  Consistently performed in the top 10th percentile of the company as a direct result of clear communication, goal setting and accountability, character development, and team building.  Supported immediate leadership to develop succession plans for promotion within the company through mentorship.

Young Adults Ministry: 7 years


Led a young adults group which focuses on community development, self-reflection, and the inclusion and development of integrity in and through everyday life.  The focus was to model how to respond to the world and what it means to navigate accountability in a way that is authentic and realistic, and to help individuals understand their identity to develop healthy lifestyles.

Break the Meta: Current


Founded Break the Meta in late 2019.  Discovered a true passion for engaging the community in ways that facilitate understanding of personal value through communication, empathy, and empowerment.

Thought Raid: 2020-2022


Thought Raid began as a podcast that tackles topics which are often difficult for people to navigate.  The goal is to approach these topics from pragmatic, scientific, and Christ-like perspectives to flesh out the 'why statements' and to better understand how they apply to life.  Community is invited to participate in these discussions and talk about the circumstances or perspectives in their own lives that need support.


II. Coaching Services Offered


Nobody shares the same combination of experiences and background.  Similarly, the needs of any given circumstance will vary from client to client.  Our goal is to assist clients in identifying, processing, and improving the myriad of circumstances in their lives, professional or personal, that may be hindering them from moving forward.  Some of these may include:


  • Relationships

  • Vocation

  • Conflict resolution

  • Personal value

  • Priorities and boundaries

  • Making life decisions

  • General direction and perspective


All circumstances will be different and thus will require a different approach.  Further, some will require short-term coaching while others will require ongoing, long-term coaching.  


We typically provide coaching services to individuals 18+ years of age; however, in some cases and with parental consent are willing to work with minors.  Services may be offered to individuals, couples, groups, organizations and businesses.  We reserve the right to ethically defer issues, beyond our skill and ability to manage, to a third party who may be more appropriately equipped.


(ex: suicide, mental health, medical issues, medications, etc.)


III. Our Responsibility


Our goal is to support you in your current season, transitions between seasons, and the season to come.  


We will discuss your situation in depth in order to evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, and identify areas of necessary accountability.  


It will be our responsibility to ethically and honestly address various issues as they are discovered and identify behaviors that have lead or may lead to favorable or unfavorable outcomes alike.  


We will discuss, tailor, and agree upon a game plan to address your unique situation by leveraging your strengths and improving your weaknesses, identifying possible risks and benefits, and setting SMART goals for completion.  Periodically, we will evaluate your progress and adjust goals and methods accordingly.  It will be our duty to encourage, support, introduce accountability, and to challenge you to move forward by developing a relationship of trust.


IV. Client’s Responsibility


Real growth is developed internally with personal responsibility and accountability - not through external motivation.  


As a client it will be your responsibility to maintain a posture of transparency and honesty during our time together.  Progress will require your personal engagement, time, and active involvement in order to understand and develop any change in your behavior, thoughts, feelings, and circumstances.  Supplemental engagement may include homework assignments, self-reflection, self-observation, and committing to new behaviors.  


Change can be manufactured, but it takes both time and grace in order for a head change to develop into a heart change resulting in a potentially healthy lifestyle.

Clients are expected to maintain a position of honesty and transparency at all times with their coach.  Not doing so may hinder progress and lead to misunderstanding of the process, expectations, and needs.


It is important to attend all of your scheduled appointments on time and with consistency.  


V. Benefits and Risks


Coaching is supplemental to growth and is intended to expedite the process while reducing loss and risk.  Your success is ultimately dependent on your level of engagement and commitment to the process.  


Due to the complexity of our human nature in relation to our circumstances, success is not guaranteed and the process may include certain risks.  In order to address issues that may be preventing you from advancing, difficult issues will need to be discussed which may stir uncomfortable or painful feelings.  You may experience temporary feelings of sadness, guilt, anxiety, anger, and frustration.  


As every person experiences growth at different rates and in different seasons, you may experience relationship issues while moving through the process.  You may face the decision of molting old, unhealthy relationships and/or behaviors which could cause a suite of thoughts and feelings related to loss.  There may also be times when you will face discouragement because it may seem like you're not making noticeable progress.  


Progress takes time and is typically inconsistent due to various factors that play into it's manifestation.  Your success will be proportionate to your level of engagement and perseverance.


VI. Confidentiality


All of the information that you share with me, including notes and records, is confidential per ethical standards and will not be released to any third party without your written authorization with the exception of the following conditions:

  • If child/elder abuse or dependent-impaired adult neglect is suspected, the law requires me to report it to the appropriate authorities.

  • If I believe the client is in clear and imminent danger to themselves or others, relevant third parties will be notified and all pertinent information shall be provided for the welfare of the client.  In addition to unmentioned circumstances this may include the following: verbal communication of suicidal thoughts with actionable intent, behavioral dysfunction resulting in extreme manifestation relating to anger/substance abuse/etc.

  • Court-ordered surrender of confidential information.


VII. Professional Records


Record of your sessions will be maintained by your coach.  


We will keep brief session notes, documentation of your attendance, what was discussed, your progress towards goals, and any homework.  You are entitled to a copy or summary of your records.  


Because these are professional records, they can be misinterpreted and/or upsetting when reviewed out of context.  It is recommended to review records in the presence of your coach.  Clients will be charged an appropriate fee for any professional time spent in response to informational queries.


VIII. Professional Boundaries


We have an ethical responsibility to maintain a professional relationship with our clients in and out of sessions in order to protect the client's confidentiality as well as the personal life of the coach.  


Any service engagement to the client by the coach is limited to planned sessions and approved, pre-negotiated phone/video calls as outlined in the client's plan.  The coach reserves the right to decline supplemental and unscheduled communications by the client.  


Please understand that provision of service by your coach outside of scheduled times may be inconvenient and is also accompanied by the normal post-session work necessitating a supplemental service fee.


Upon request the client can restrict engagement to session-only which would dismiss all public engagement between the client and coach with the understanding that the client wishes to remain anonymous outside of scheduled sessions.  


If you choose to follow or 'like' any of Break the META, LLC's business social media pages, you acknowledge that this may pose a risk to your confidentiality (e.g. others will see that you followed this page).  Further, public association with your coach may pose a risk to your confidentiality.


XIV. Legal and Litigation Limitations


If the client becomes involved in a divorce or custody dispute, they are agreeing that we will not provide evaluations or testimony in court as we are not trained to make custody recommendations and this creates a dual-relationship.  The client agrees that should they become involved in legal proceedings, neither they nor their attorney will ask your coach to testify in court or disclose the session records.


Break the Meta, LLC. and all related coaches are not liable for any loss, damage, or conflict resulting from coaching services or the response of clients to coaching services received.


X. Couples and Families


Couples and Families are seen as a party.  Therefore confidentiality is a combined responsibility and  confidential information disclosure will require unanimous consent.  


Additionally, there may be times when we see members of a party individually.  We will use our judgment when revealing information shared during individual sessions to the party and maintain a 'no secrets' policy.  If information revealed during an individual session could jeopardize progress and the individual refuses to communicate, services may be terminated.  Alternatively, techniques will be introduced in order to assist the individual to properly disclose the information to the party.

XI. Sessions and Fees


The consistency, duration, and cost of sessions varies by client and will be agreed upon during the initial consultation.  This may change based upon client need or recommendation of your coach and will be communicated via email.


On average sessions for individuals range from weekly to bi-weekly, can be ongoing or for a determined period of time, usually up to 6 months, and vary from 30-90 minutes.  Typically, coaching will last 5-8 sessions for normal issues but may be longer or ongoing based on our recommendation or client request.  Note that these are only averages and will vary based on the needs of the client.  


Sessions may be slightly shorter or longer than their determined time frame and will not be subject to additional charges unless they exceed 15 minutes.  Any session extending 15 minutes or more beyond its determined time due to legitimate working need will be considered an additional session and will be billed accordingly.  While it is at the discretion of the coach to recommend spending more time on the given session, the client reserves the right to end the session.

  • Supplemental Service Fee: Hourly rate prorated in 15-minute increments (e.g. 15, 30, 45, 60)
  • Example: A $99/hr session that extends to 75 minutes yields a fee of $123.75 ($99 + $24.75)

Supplemental services include phone calls, video calls, or in-person meetings outside of arranged appointments which require engagement beyond administrative or clerical queries.  

Please understand that the Supplemental Service Fee is simply a boundary in place to protect the personal lives and time of our coaches.  Additionally, we want to encourage and empower our clients to risk the decision to try, fail, and adjust on their own instead of using their coach as a crutch.


A 24 hour notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment in order to avoid a fee of $25.  Under emergent circumstances where communication of said circumstance to the coach is initiated by the client this fee can be waived.


Please inform us of any change in your financial situation that may impact your ability to pay for services.  You are not liable for any fees or charges for services rendered prior to receipt of this disclosure statement.


The client reserves the right to request additional sessions or time with their coach and is to be billed accordingly.


At times the coach may provide support materials in the form of books, learning tools such as relationship building games, and other various media relevant and effective to the coaching process.  Tools loaned to the client are expected to be returned by the end of the term.  Tools that are damaged or provided with the intent of being kept by the client will be billed at-cost.  It's not our intention to profit from selling or promoting support materials.


Clients will receive an invoice for all services provided during the last business week of the month via email.  This invoice will include total payment required for sessions and Supplemental Service Fees and is billed via Paypal.  Cash or check payment options are available upon request.  


The Supplemental Service Fee will apply to all unpaid invoices 7 days after receipt.


Clients may opt to pay in advance.  Any additional sessions or Supplemental Service Fees rendered during the month will be billed on the last business day of the month via email.  


XII. Contact Information


Due to the nature of our work we are often immediately unavailable.  We can be reached by the following:



We typically respond to your messages within 24 hours excluding holidays and weekends or after 6pm.  Messages left after 6pm on Friday will be returned the following Monday.  


XIII. Electronic Communication Policy


At times we may communicate with you via text or email in order to provide resources for homework or reference, cancellations/rescheduling due to sickness, or billing.  Additional use of electronic communication is discouraged.  


Email and text are not to be used in lieu of or as a means to receive coaching services.  Abuse of electronic communication by the client may result in termination of services.


XIV. Emergencies


We  are not always immediately available to address emergency concerns.  If you are at risk of harm to yourself or someone else please follow the crisis list provided, call 911 or go to your nearest hospital emergency room.


  • Drug Helpline: This hotline is provided by Alcohol/Drug Council of North Carolina, a non-profit organization and an affiliate of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependency. The drug hotline is supported by the NC Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Use Disorder Services. They are an available drug helpline willing to assist with treatment of alcohol and/or substance use disorders. The toll-free number is 1-800-688-4232. It is open 24/7.

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:  800-273-TALK (8255)


XV. Complaint Procedure


As with all confrontation-oriented relationships, grievances will happen occasionally.  Our goal is to engage you in areas that are challenging and in ways that may be abnormal or uncomfortable.  This can cause unintentional grievances due to misaligned perspectives or goals.


If you would like to express a concern or complaint regarding services received, it is most effective and productive to discuss the issue during our sessions.  There we can evaluate perspectives, reassess goals, adjust the level of challenge; the goal is resolution.  In extreme cases of dissatisfaction, here we may elect to discontinue our professional relationship.


XVI. Minors


In the event that we decide to work with a minor, (age 17 and under), the legal guardian or an approved substitution must be present for the entirety of any scheduled meetings.  Any correspondence with said minor will be limited to these meetings as well as recorded media such as text or email.  Confidential correspondence between the coach and minor deemed irrelevant to the purpose-of-hire will be recorded in the meeting notes and provided to the guardian only under the following conditions:


  • Consent is provided by the minor.

  • It is relevant to the emergent welfare of the minor.

  • It is relevant to the current responsibility faculties of the guardian.

  • As ordered by the court of law.

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