most efficient tactic available; generalized focus on achieving an expectation invalidating the process and inherent value of an individual.


What is Break the Meta?

Blogs, podcasts, livestreams, mentorship, premarital consultation, individual and group coaching, public speaking, and daily content via social media.


What is your mission statement?

To help people understand their value and how it relates to the overall purpose for their lives beyond the premise of cultural, societal and religious expectation.  Read full statement


What does that mean?

The fact is that you are valuable and you do have a purpose for your life.  Everything in life hinges on understanding what Jesus thinks of you.


Are you religious?

No, there's a stark difference between Jesus and religion.  While I do consider myself a Christian, the relationship with Jesus is much more important than following rules and statutes based on the interpretations of people.


I'm not a Christian.  Will this still help me?

Yes!  My goal is not to change anyone but rather to model what Jesus has done and is doing in my life.  Jesus loves you where you're at - not where culture and people think you should be.  There's no qualifier.  It's important for true, healthy communities to model this.


Oh, so this is a community too?

While the consulting side comes with a fee (gotta support my family after all!), we have established communities on Youtube, Twitch.tv, Discord, Facebook, and TikTok.  You're welcome to come join us if you're looking for a safe place to talk, test, and grow.