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Dave Martin

MACC | Pastor | Teacher | USAF | Owner Too Stupid to Fail

Area of Focus: Goal Setting and Achievement

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Dave Martin’s life is a true rags-to-riches story with a humble beginning.

When he was just two years old, his mother and father divorced due to alcoholism and depression.  Dysfunction begot dysfunction and at the age of fourteen, his mother decided she no longer wanted kids and she left.  She decided to drop Dave off at his father’s apartment.  She dropped Dave’s suitcase then look at his father and said, “Now it’s your turn.” She turned and left the apartment. Dave would not speak to his mother again for 39 years. 

Dave lived in 14 different houses and went to 11 different schools by the time he was 17 years old.  For a time, he was what the state would define as “homeless”.  While he was neglected, abandoned, and abused throughout his life, Dave eventually experienced what it meant to be loved.  It was through this he discovered his passion for helping people.

During his formative years, Dave was faced with making decisions that were beyond the realm of authority and understanding for a child to make.  Often these decisions were made without context and without knowing the full extent of the consequences.  However, his tenacity and zeal to take action would grant him success in his endeavors even though he lacked the experience and wisdom normally required to succeed.  This happened time after time.  In essence, he was too stupid to fail.

Life lesson from the school of hard knocks: there are a lot of artificial barriers we put in front of ourselves preventing us from achieving our best!

Eventually, Dave would move into the basement of a friend’s house where he would learn that he was not only "a good kid” but also “really funny and really people real smart.”  In his mind, Dave received this as, “You’re really smart.”  The Lissys, his loving host family, helped to reprogram his negative internal dialogue as a positive internal dialogue.  

Dave's stubbornness to keep going and the experience of moving in with an incredible family would eventually become part of his testimony.  A recurring theme in his life, being 'too stupid to fail' stuck and it would eventually inspire Dave to form Too Stupid To Fail, LLC.  

What Dave learned through his relationship with Jesus, his years of training and mentorship in the USAF, and through his undergraduate/graduate work is that we all have varying levels of dysfunction.  We all face artificial barriers and constantly replay negative narratives about ourselves in our internal dialogue.  In addition, Dave learned the truth behind the fact that artificial barriers can be removed and negative internal dialogue can be eliminated.  By doing so you can develop fail-proof ways to succeed in every aspect of your life. 


Dave is a pastor, teacher, and counselor in North Carolina.  He completed his Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling at Liberty University Theological Seminary in Lynchburg, Virginia.  He is a retired Chief Master Sergeant from the United States Air Force after nearly 30 years of service.  He recently resigned as a high school teacher to focus on his company Too Stupid To Fail. 


Dave wants you to know that you are his passion!  More specifically, what matters most to Dave is to see and help people realize the success that their life can produce.  As a child, he endured thanks to the love of others who believed in him - and Dave wishes the same for you. 

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