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Brandon Brown

BCCoun | THOUGHT RAID | United Gamer's Nation

Area of Focus:  Thought-life Management and Self-evaluation

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Brandon Brown is a lay counselor in North Carolina.  He completed his bachelor's degree in Christian counseling at Impact University in Clemmons, North Carolina.  Brandon is the community director and owner of United Gamers Nation and is a co-host of THOUGHT RAID.


Brandon has always been a people person knowing that the individual is the most important thing in this life. This mindset came out of the struggles with the loneliness he endured before making it to college.  

Since he was an only child who moved around a lot, making friends was difficult.  In addition, he has always had an interest in computer gaming furthering the disconnect from his peers.

Growing up, Brandon got involved in online gaming communities while developing some of his own communities within various games he would play.  But it wasn’t until he graduated high school that he discovered that he could incorporate his love for gaming as a valid ministry to engage other gamers.  Shortly thereafter, Brandon founded United Gamers Nation and changed his degree from pastoral ministry to Christian counseling in order to improve his reach and influence with the gamers in his communities.


"If there is one thing that I love, it is to help others through my own testimony."

Raised by parents who encouraged complete open honesty, Brandon teaches by example sharing testimonies from his life and his studies in patience, compassion, and understanding. 


He excels in the topics of recovery from porn addiction, community development, discovering life purpose, navigating and culling anxiety, and controlling thought life.  Brandon has experience operating in one-on-one mentorship and counseling dynamics and is comfortable working both virtually and in person.  His style of counseling is personable and he is willing to pursue the depth of conversation compliant with the level of comfort of his clients and mentees.   


"In my mind, there are no pieces to a person that are insignificant."

He also loves to use a blend of psychology and theology as he loves to draw connections between science and the Word of God.

"I have a unique perspective on the practical application of the wisdom in the Bible."

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